FAQs For Pros

    How do I advertise with PostToPro.com?
    Go to advertising on your dashboard and click on text ads.  Create your ad and select 1 month to 1 year advertising package.  Or contact us at 1-800-208-7217

  • Will I receive impression reporting on my advertising? 
    Yes.  PostToPro will report the number of impressions and clicks you obtain on your text ads.
  • How do you secure my credit card information? 
    We use PayTrace as a 3rd party vendor that secures your credit card information. 
  • How much does it cost to be a member of PostToPro? 
    Your profile is FREE.   In order to receive and search for available projects or work leads, a monthly subscription of is required.
  • How do I find if a particular Zip code is available? 
    Go to your dashboard and click Pro zip codes to find available zips.  Then click on add zips and search the city and state you wish to service.  Select the zip code(s) and the category you wish to purchase then proceed to checkout.
  • Can I use my logo on my text advertising? 
    Yes.  PostToPro allows Logo’s with approved Text ads. 
  • How do I promote my services? 
    PostToPro within your dashboard allows you to upload your logo, images, and a brief description of your business. 
  • If I wish to expand my business what are the steps to research potential opportunities within PostToPro? 
    While browsing within PostToPro’s system, professionals will be able to view job opportunities and completed projects in other zip codes.  You will not be able to quote or communicate with consumers in other zip codes, unless you expand your zip code coverage. Purchase our enhanced photo pack to promote your recently completed jobs/projects.
  • How are reviews structured on PostToPro?
    Upon Job/Project completion a consumer may choose to post a review.  If the consumer decides not to post a review, a Pro has the ability to request a review up to 2 times maximum from a particular client.
  • Will I be able to remove unfavorable reviews? 
    Possibly.  PostToPro will allow the professional a one-time request for rebuttal and request for removal of the review.  Upon investigation of our mediation department a decision will be rendered and that decision is final.  All reviews containing profanity will be removed from PostToPro.   
  • How do I provide an accurate proposal if the consumer will not allow me access to the property? 
    If the consumer does not provide accurate enough information on the job you can request a meeting with the client via email communication.
  •  Will I be notified if a consumer chooses a different Pro? 
    Yes. You will be notified by email if the consumer moved the job to awarded status. If a project is moved to awarded status this means a consumer has accepted another Pro’s proposal.  You will have an opportunity to communicate with the consumer again if your competition fails to start or complete the project.
  • Can I contact a past opportunity if communications breakdown between myself and the  consumer? 
    Yes.  You will have to delete and repost the job.
  • Where can I find my job opportunities and my accepted jobs?
    Go to your dashboard and click Posts or view the windows on the right labeled accepted and my new posts.
  • Are my communications between the consumer and I logged and saved within the PostToPro system? 
    Yes.  All communications are saved and logged from both the consumer and the Pro for security on each and every job or project.
  • What happens when a consumer accepts a Pro for their Project/Job?
    The job will be moved to an awarded status and will show as a “active” project on the map or list view. 
  • Can I have a pro account and post projects of my own? 
    YES.  PostToPro allows you to seamlessly have a pro account and post jobs and projects by switching to consumer view in your dashboard.
  • Will I be notified about rate increases from PostToPro.com? 
    You will be notified within the PostToPro system and receive notification to your primary email prior to a rate change.