How much does it cost to create a profile and create a job?
    PostToPro is completely free for consumers to create a profile and/or post jobs. Create a profile click here.

  • Is my personal address secure and hidden?  
    Yes. You choose to make your job location visible or hidden from the Pro. Once you award a job to a Pro the project address is then visible only to the awarded Pro.
  • How do I Invite a Professional I've used previously to the PostToPro system?

  • Use the Icon "Invite a Pro" on your dashboard in the top right corner of your dashboard.
  • How long does a project stay active on PostToPro?  
    You set duration of your post from 7-70 days. 3 days prior to expiration you’ll receive a notice of expiration.
  • Can I duplicate a post?  
    PostToPro’s allows you to duplicate or re-post an expired job or completed Job saving you time.
  • I’m having trouble uploading photos.
    Contact support Here: support@posttopro.com
  • Can I update, edit and delete a post?
    Yes. Go to my posts then click view/manage post, then click edit post to finalize your changes. 
  • How do your professionals contact me?
    Professionals will contact you by your preferred method of contact you chose within your profile. Update your personal preferences to receive texts, emails or both.
  • If I update a post will the pros be notified of the change?
    Yes. Any changes to a post the professionals who have communicated with you will be updated with the new information
  • Where do i find communications from the pro’s?  
    PostToPro has an inbox on your dashboard. You may choose to have additional communication via email and/or text. This is specified in your account profile.
  • How do i check for a Pro is Licensed in Florida?
    click www.dbpr.org
  • Can I post a job to a favorite Pro?
    Yes. After you save a pro as a favorite on your dashboard you can send a post directly to your preferred professional.
  • Can I review my Professional?
    Yes. After the job is closed you are able to rate and review the professional